BADDOG                Est. 06/10/05

An engineering study of Hotrods and Scooters
with a focus on construction techniques with
precise detail and style.

Current project:
 1962 chevy pickups, one shortbox fleetside truck
and one longbox fleetside truck. The shortbox will be a lowered streetrod 2 wheel drive, and the longbox will be a 4x4 with liftkit. Quite the opposites aren't they. Should be a fun project.
The 62 chevy project page can be found here.

Future projects will include:
   Nostalgia fuel altered
   Front engined dragster
   1938 ford pickup (tow back vehicle)
   1937W Harley 45" chopper (pit bike)
   plus anything else that might seem fit.

    I have several photo albums of cars and
   drivers that were racing at the old
   Kearney Dragway back in the 70's and 80's.
   I intend to scan and post them all here as
   time allows.

This site is taking a little longer to get started than I initially planned, right now the priority has been on making room for the new shop building which will really help me with my organizing!

Sorry it's taking a while to get everything up and running but check back soon..
It should be a nice ride!

Here is a rare photo of me deploying the chute
in my first dragster at Kearney Dragway in Nebraska. I ran this car only two years from 1981-1982.

updated: 10/28/05